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Gallery demonstration

Gallery demonstration


Danica, born in Ashland, OR, moved to Kodiak, AK, in 1976 where she spent most of her childhood. During her high school junior year she lived in Brazil as a foreign exchange student. After graduating from Kodiak High School, she moved to Juneau, AK and spent the next few years working in the summers and traveling throughout Central America in the winters. Danica attended Alaska Pacific Univ. and Univ of Alaska on volleyball scholarships, studied abroad in India for a year and graduated with a BA in Psychology . She started her working career at Covenant House Alaska, counseling teens until she moved to Bend in 2012.

Since “Dani’s” childhood and throughout her travels, glass beads and marbles always attracted her interest. On one such trip, she witnessed a “lampwork” artist and knew that she had to learn this art. With the help and support of her family, she began melting glass under the stove vent in 1995. Her 3 children and their requests inspired many of her whimsical designs. Dani uses Effetre “Moretti” Italian Glass, considered a soft glass, and a Bethlehem Bravo for a torch. All her creations are kiln fired to anneal them for durability. Each piece is a one of a kind!

“Balancing family, work, outdoor adventures and creating is like playing with melting glass…Both hands working and you must keep rolling!”


Alessandro Boscolo, Murano, Italy

Lucio Bubacco, Murano, Italy 

Mauro Vianello, Venice, Italy

Bronwen Heilman Tucson, Arizona

Astrid Riedel, Pretoria, South Africa

Tatyana Boyarinova, Moscow, Russia

Vicki Schneider, Hamburg, New York

Michelle Waldren, Anchorage, Alaska


ISGB International Society of Glass Beads
COMAG, Central Oregon Metals Arts Guild
Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt

Dry Canyon Arts Association

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